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                       Newcastle Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostic Equipment Supplier 

BYPASS Immobilizers by OBD Port and Seat Occupant Detector 39 Programs £119 

VAG Box OBD2 Immobilizer Deactivator & Activator £29

FNR Key Prog 4-in-1 Key Progrogrammer & Pin-Code for Latest Nissan/ Ford/ Renault /Ford Calculator by OBD  £119 

Latest CK100 V45.09 Brilliant Universal Key Programmer Reads from Immobilizer on Car & Truck all by OBD £159

We are now UK Dealer for SuperOBD The Latest Key Programmers + Pin Coders

Genuine SuperOBD Pin Code Reader & Key Programmer for Latest Ford, Landrover,

Rangerover, Jaguar, Jeep, Mazda, Chrysler from Immobiliser upto 2014 £269

Genuine SuperOBD 900 Universal Version of above SuperOBD Covers just about everything upto 2014 and with FREE Lifetime Online Updates V3.6 Update Available next week £549

SuperOBD VPC-100 Universal Vehicle Pin Code Calculator (With 200+300 Tokens) £219


Toyota Lexus Smart Key Maker even all keys lost no PC needed £43

TMS374 ECU Decoder Virgin Renault Peugeot Citreon Hyundia Kia not need PC £39

Fiat Opel/Vauxhall Immobilizer £79

Vag Tacho 3.0 VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT Immobilizer £79

Vag Tacho 5.0 VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT Immobilizer £79

AD900 PRO Best Key Cloner / Duplicator  £179

X-Horse Iscancar Mileage correction, Pin-read, Repair RB8, EPB, Immo Bypass £249

CARPROG V7.28 full kit Best Airbag Crash Prog, Radio decode, Mileage, etc. £79

VAG DASH CAN V5.14 CLONE  DASH, ECU, Mileage, Pin-read, Turn Off Immo £40

Mileage Correction, Pin-read, Read & Write Eeprom for Latest 2006-2015 Micronas Dashboards £149 call us


Best KM & IMMO Mileage, Pin-read, Read & Write Eeprom KM & Immobilizer Dealer Key Has 3 Extra Activations £299 buy now

Vauxhall Renault VW, Audi, Pin-read Crash Erase £39

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